Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Relative Poem

young faces of relatives
hang on our walls
and black iron shelves
as reminders
that if we are lucky,
or unlucky enough,
we will lose our youth
and have
the photos of our fancy to relive
the days when our organs liked each other.
all of the dashing glances,
vigorous smiles,
new hair,
non-sagging parts,
clean skin,
crisp clothes,
dapper smiles
have all given way to the future
and the
fact that our bodies
don't like
what happens
next and the past doesn't like us
in the present.

i believe
the might of the picture
to immortalize
us in ways that will help
our eroding brain remember
that the only thing mightier that the past,
or future
is the love we create
and cultvate on this
ever advancing existence
that blares forward
with all the voracity of time
as we once
used to remember.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New Joefiles 114 is Out

The new volume - curly queued daydreams - is available by clicking here - a sample poem below:

gaining gusto in aging
the last
i have taken
a moment extra
to look
at the obituary section
of the local paper.
maybe an old friend,
or someone i used to work
with will show up in these
back pages
and i'll have that
one moment of shock
to rescue me from
the taste of coffee
and work
and responsibility
to reflect on
what this life is all about.
the potential end
displayed in ink,
giving all us obituary
readers that
brief moment
to refocus our day on
what should
really be in focus.
and when
i close that paper flap
and know that
it was full
of loving strangers
that will no longer
earth with me
i wonder
who from my past i may run into today.