Wednesday, February 16, 2011


everyone is
acting quite calm
about the fact that
we have under 2 years
left to live it
up here on
the big blue ball
in the perched skies.

with both Cherokee
and Mayan
ghosts laughing
in unison high
above our hairy scalps,
i find myself lookin'
around at odd times
lately to see if maybe
there will be that
one crazy human with
deteriorated nails,
wild eye brows,
twitchy bottom lip
mulling incessantly
how it's going
to shake down
on the inevitable
but i see nothing.

i look at all the birds
minced with both military
and commercial aircrafts ripping
through the skies
in a hurry to see if they
have any more information
than a few bubbles emitting
from a lava lake in
the bowels of Yellowstone.

other times,
i look at a dead pigeon in
the road
wondering if thousands more are
lined on either side of
me in some destructive
orchestra of
used time
telling me that
time is the only real enemy.

i wonder how useless
it will be to worry about
how much money i have in the
bank account and how i
should maximize every cell
around me to scream into a
cacophony of sound
celebrating how little
left we have down here.

the movie ends,
i go to sleep,
and remember that
all of it was a dream
if i didn't already have a dream
that i had one last thing to do ..

my wife and i need to find
several grocery stores during
the blocks of free time we don't have
to spend with each other to
find all the products we can in
the grocery store with the
expiration dates of 12-21-12
and sell them all as a set on
e-bay for hundreds of thousands
of dollars so that
we can use
it for
a fuck load of
a celebration
beginning on
the morning of
right on into the
damned sunset
rest of our
echo of lives ..