Wednesday, May 16, 2012

in this modern day and era

of thought police
and music cops
and publisher peddlers out
copyright hunts,
I heard a nice old man
At the library the other day
Belaboring over whether or
Not he could make a simple
Copy of a
Tax funded article in
A Time Magazine.

As the nice library woman
Who always has the look as though
She just ran a mile and needs
To pee bad
Explained that it’s just fine.

This didn’t go over well.

So she continued.

And one way or another as
The voices shuffled in almost muted loudness,
I saw him walk away in confidence
Ready to copy the thoughts of another for his
Own benefit
And it
Was then that
I saw Shakespeare and Mark Twain
Behind a building in MacBeth
Punching the copyright bastards right between
The eyes for
Making the world
Afraid to
Free fall
Abyss of
Human thought